• Full day
  • 24 Hour
  • Expeditions



In each case the children will learn some or all of the following skills. (The longer the course, the more in-depth will be the degree of learning)

  • Fire Skills – how to make a fire with only the most basic of materials – whether wet or dry
  • Survival Psychology – why a positive attitude is crucial. How to find items to help you in your quest for survival
  • Wilderness Foraging – how to identify which plants are edible and which to avoid. How to find and conserve water
  • Navigation – how to navigate with a compass and by the sun and the stars
  • Signalling for Help plus Search & Rescue – How to attract help and how to find lost (and possibly injured) team members
  • Shelter Building – How to build a shelter from whatever materials Mother Nature provides
  • Remote First Aid – How to treat basic ‘wilderness’ injuries

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