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End Of Term Activities

Why Do End Of Term Activities?

End of term activities are a great way to mark the end of a school year or term. It is a fantastic way for young people to let off steam and celebrate their achievements, especially after a busy term concentrating on exams or if they are moving on to secondary schools or higher education. If children are moving onto new schools, it could also be a last opportunity that they have to do an activity with all of their classmates together.

End of term activates can be viewed as a ‘closure activity’ for the school term. The benefits of closure activities have been outlined by many well respected professionals in the educational sector, they help the children attach relevance and personal meaning to the knowledge they have gained. An end of term activity that correlates to the lessons and exercises that have been taught over the school term can help create a lasting impression, and gives children something they can refer to and look back on.

Why choose to do your end of term activities at Elite survival training?

Established in 2009, Elite Survival Training are the perfect choice for your end of term activities. We are a highly trained and enthusiastic team, with a shared passion for teaching the art of survival along with an appreciation of the environment and the earth’s natural resources.

End of Term Activities for SchoolsNot everything can be taught in the classroom, and our Elite survival training days take place out in the sticks, in woodland or on inhospitable islands. We also go a little further afield, taking expeditions to remote parts of the world. Our end of term activities are usually based in Surrey and Northamptonshire on selected dates.

Taking the children out of their comfort zone for their end of term activity can instil a sense of freedom, excitement, and willingness to participate. They reach personal fulfilment by achieving things they never thought they would do in day to day life.

Our team of highly experienced instructors will put together a package, based on the size of your group and what you are hoping for the children to get out of the day. We train with encouragement and passion, making sure everybody involved has a great time and leaves with a memorable experience. It is our aim to give young people the confidence to go anywhere in the world.

What are the benefits of a survival training themed End Of Term Activities?

If you are trying to plan end of term activities, survival training is a great choice for young people. It involves an action packed day of exhilarating tasks and problem solving, leaving the kids with key skills that they can apply to all areas of life. Some of the activities are:

What can young people come away with after Elite survival themed end of term activities?

You can’t learn everything in a classroom, and Elite survival themed end of term activities will leave children with a wealth of knowledge and an outlook on life and themselves that that they did not possess before, including;

Survival skills – Last but most definitely not least, all of the survival knowledge gained will help young people cope and provide invaluable knowledge on how to survive should they ever be faced with any harsh realities or adverse situations.

You and your staff were friendly, approachable and knowledgeable

We would just like to thank you, James and Oz for making the recent Year 8 Survival Camp at Ickwell such a successful event. As you know, we have used leading ‘Bushcraft’ companies in the past and there is no comparison, in terms of the skills, staff and experience, which your company offers in this field. It is rare that a company delivers what they promise but Elite Survival did exactly that, taking the trouble to meet us for a pre-site visit, meticulously planning a programme tailored to the needs of our pupils and delivering a memorable experience to all concerned.

Not only did you teach our pupils how to light fires, build shelters and develop team building skills but you also took the time to get to know them too. You and your staff were friendly, approachable and knowledgeable; there was just the right amount of firmness shown when it was needed and you also earned their respect by the manner in which you interacted with all the boys on a personal level.
We would highly recommend you to any School who would like to use your company in the future and we all look forward to seeing you again in September when you will be working with our Y6 year group.
Very many thanks.

Jane Di Sapia Assistant Head Years 5 & 6 Bedford School

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