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How Our Motivational Courses Can Help You

Elite Survival training was founded in 2009 by John Sullivan, a former Royal Marines Commando. With dedicated survival instructors  John and the team regularly visit educational establishments all over the world, bringing their expertise to each presentation, ensuring those listening are left with a heightened sense of enthusiasm to achieve their personal life goals.

The speeches given by Elite Survival Training are unique every time, with key messages of, realising potential, harnessing courage, leadership and team work, remaining captivating key points. In fact, The Ashcombe School stated, “This was the second time that John has spoken at the school and he was if anything even better than the first time. He has an interesting story to tell and he not only inspires by example but gives good practical advice. I would wholly recommend him as a speaker for all ages from teens to adults.

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Motivational speakers can be enlisted at any time to inspire creative thinking and self-discipline, but can prove particularly beneficial during exam season or at pivotal times such as when firm decisions need to be made regarding the courses or education path to be taken.

At Elite Survival Training, we have the experience and understanding to tailor our speeches to suit the age of the those we are presenting to, with Pinewood School stating: “John was excellent. His talk was pitched at exactly the right level. He arrived in plenty of time, was efficient and well prepared for his talk.

In addition to our hugely successful talks and presentations, at Elite Survival Training, we also offer overseas expeditions that can last 12 days, full day courses, public speaking services, television consultancy and much more.

The length of our courses will depend entirely on the students needs, but what you can be certain of is that you will receive on hand guidance and training from knowledgeable professionals that come with a wealth of experience in their respective fields of survival training.

At Elite Survival Training, we encourage individuals from all walks to pursue their dreams. We are passionate about passing on our enthusiasm, and focus our presentations and courses on heightening creativity, building courage and several other important aspects, including:

  • Leadership
  • Embracing Change
  • Appreciation of the Environment
  • Overcoming obstacles

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