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Motivational Speakers For Schools

Why use Motivational Speakers For Schools?

Motivational Speakers For SchoolsMotivational speakers for schools are a great way to inspire and encourage young people to push themselves out of their comfort zone and teach them the importance of self-belief and a positive attitude.
At times, the routine of the school timetable can become monotonous for children, and having an outside speaker who comes in for an afternoon, or even just an hour long talk, can really make the kids sit up and listen, take notice, and help them to think outside the box.

Motivational speakers are especially beneficial to students during poignant times during the school term; for example, when end of term exams are looming, or if they are facing any important educational choices and decisions to make, or the students are moving out of their comfort zones and on to secondary schools or higher education.

Choosing Motivational ­­Speakers for Schools? Why choose Elite?

Established in 2009, Elite Survival Training are a great choice for motivational speakers for schools. Our speaker, John Sullivan has been a jungle explorer and has experienced surviving in the most remote corners of the world first hand.

John is an entertaining and engaging public speaker, who has a knack of understanding young people, what they will be interested in and how their minds work. He sensitively adapts his speeches to the age range of his audience, from primary school students to students.

The audience are taken on a journey of adventure, suspense and discovery from his wealth of personal experiences, failures and successes.

What are the benefits of Motivational Speakers For Schools?

John, whose speeches are designed to have a positive impact on the lives of others, has key themes for his talks. These include;School Motivational Speakers

As well as being beneficial to the children as individuals, a speech or talk from a motivational speaker can have many advantages to how the school or class works together as a whole. A motivational speech can tackle hard hitting subjects, and make children aware of issues such as bullying and can approach them from a completely new angle, making them easier to digest. This will hopefully encourage the class to work better alongside their peers, functioning as a team that they are.


What Effects Can Motivational Speakers For Schools Have On Young People?

Motivational speakers can have tremendous, positive effects on young people. They can empower children and young adults to make aspirations for themselves, to willingly be more than they normally would be, to give more and motivate themselves rather than making the minimum effort and just ‘getting by’.

Motivational talks are also known as personal development seminars, and when John goes out to talk to young people that is his objective, giving youths the motivation to help themselves with their own personal development.  Many young people are benefiting from this guidance and encouragement in a variety of ways, including;


John’s motivational talk inspired students

John Sullivan is a former Royal Marine, adventurer and explorer from the UK. Through a lot of persistence and hard work, he followed his passion to explore the world and pursue adventure. John focused his talk on 'Feeding the Rat'. Essentially the passion that lives inside of us needs to be fuelled whether that is sport, art, adventure, music and science. He shared the virtues that people need to do that e.g. self-belief, hard work, persistence. John is also a healthy risk taker in the challenges he undertakes, fitting in with the IB learner profile.ISH is hopefully certain that John's motivational talk inspired students to do something extraordinary in their future.

International School of Hague. Holland Head of year 10 

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