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John Sullivan, founder of Elite Survival is a former Royal Marine. You might think his experience of the rigours of military life might make him unsympathetic to the child’s view of the world.

John has an uncanny knack of understanding how children’s minds work. He treats them as grown-ups and is ever conscious of their varying levels of confidence and ability. John appreciates that key to children’s enjoyment of his Survival Courses is that they have fun!

‘What on earth has extreme survival got to do with children?’

Good question! Here are just a few answers. Our Survival Skills courses will

  • Help children to learn the virtues of creative thinking & risk taking
  • Help them to appreciate the importance of preparation
  • Encourage them to overcoming adversity
  • Foster leadership & morale
  • Help them to embrace change
  • Encourage an appreciation of the environment and natural resources
  • Give them the courage to be themselves and – just as important – the children will learn how to have a great time!

Choose from a number of course types –

  • Half day
  • Full Day
  • 24 Hour
  • Up to a full week

In each case the children will learn some or all of the following skills. (The longer the course, the more in-depth will be the degree of learning)

  • Fire Skills – how to make a fire with only the most basic of materials – whether wet or dry
  • Survival Psychology – why a positive attitude is crucial. How to find items to help you in your quest for survival
  • Wilderness Foraging – how to identify which plants are edible and which to avoid. How to find and conserve water
  • Navigation – how to navigate with a compass and by the sun and the stars
  • Signalling for Help plus Search & Rescue – How to attract help and how to find lost (and possibly injured) team members
  • Shelter Building – How to build a shelter from whatever materials Mother Nature provides
  • Remote First Aid – How to treat basic ‘wilderness’ injuries


Elite Survival’s courses for children are not restricted to the UK. John and his team regularly carry out survival courses for International Schools, offering anything from Half Day to 7 Day courses.

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Need to know more about our Survival Courses for Schools? For a downloadable PDF, choose from one of the buttons below. Alternatively, call John Sullivan on 01604 415697 or email john@elitesurvivaltraining.com to find out more.


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