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John Sullivan and his experiences were both entertaining and extremely interesting. Highly recommended; something you are likely not to see or hear again.

Dr Helen Clegg, the University of Northampton

An inspirational talk from a jungle explorer. The best that I have witnessed in over 30 years of teaching.

Teacher, Brislington Enterprise College.

John’s talents don’t end with training people in the art of survival. He is also an engaging speaker, who loves nothing more than to pass on to young people his three passions –

  • Survival skills
  • The natural world
  • The peoples of the most remote regions of the planet.

John has an uncanny knack of understanding how young people’s minds work. He treats them as grown-ups, never talking down to them. Invariably he has his audiences transfixed with tales of his adventures in some of the remotest parts of the planet.

John sensitively tailors his talks for all ages – from Primary School children to students

Here are the key themes behind John’s talks –

  • Creative Thinking & Risk Taking – how a quick, agile mind can help us out of a challenging situation.
  • Self-Discipline & Preparation – how getting into the habit of carrying out small routine tasks helps avoid problems in the future.
  • Overcoming Adversity – There’s nothing like a period of sustained tropical isolation to appreciate how ‘stickability’ will always see you through.
  • Leadership & Fostering Morale – learning to accommodate different character types with the group – making each one feel valued.
  • Embracing Change – learning how change is not to be feared but welcomed – change can be a genuine life-enhancing experience.
  • Appreciation of the Environment and Natural Resources – Following his experiences with the tribes of Borneo and Papua New Guinea, John has gained a unique perspective on the urgent issues facing our planet. He has unbounded admiration for the way in which remote tribes cherish each and every element of their surroundings.
  • The Courage to Be Yourself – John has learned how it only takes a few steps along a path of your choosing to gain a winning mentality, unbeatable confidence and self-esteem.

John is a master story-teller

He takes his audience on a journey of adventure, suspense and discovery, bringing together a wealth of personal experiences failures and successes

  • his appreciation of research, preparation, teamwork and leadership
  • his ability to make hard decisions
  • his belief and trust in the talents and abilities of others

Here are just a handful of John’s talk titles –

  • Eating With Cannibals – the Making of a Documentary
  • One Man, One Machete – Living with the Penan
  • Feed the Rat – Living Your Dream
  • Into the Wild – The Art of Survival.

Listen to one of John Sullivan’s talks and one thing, above all, will become clear – Here is a man always looking for that next adventure!

To find out more or to book John to speak at your school or college, call him on 01604 415697 or email john@elitesurvivaltraining.com


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