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Feed the Rat, A Students Perspective

I just can’t think of the last time when my peers told me that they want to go out in the scalding-hot dessert, blistering cold, eat bugs and not have a toilet anywhere in sight! Apart from survival skills, what else can a survivalist possibly teach a group of ambitious student year 12’s and 13’s? But the survival expert, John Sullivan conveyed a completely different, yet very strong message to us. All he had to say was three simple words “Feed the Rat”. This does not mean that you have to take a homeless rat or feed a pet. Rather,…

The Island Adventurer, a Student’s Perspective

Whilst not the best known islands in the world, the Frisian Islands, commonly known as Wadden islands or Wadden Sea Islands provide the perfect setting for a survival expereince .  The islands stretch from the north-west of the Netherlands through Germany to the west of Denmark. The term Frisian Islands originated as Frisian was the primary language spoken by the native population, who also identify as Frisian. The islands are environmentally protected areas and are also considered an international wildlife nature reserve. This reserve is synchronised across the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Natural gas and oil are abundant in the…

Trip to Borneo

Whilst spending 24 hours on his own in the jungle, with a fire striker and machete for survival, is when John Sullivan jokingly started referring to himself as “The Wild Man of Borneo”. John Sullivan, a 42 year old from Northampton, is a former Royal Marine Commando. Now, he is an all round survival expert, who is working as a survival instructor and an expedition leader. He has not only been recruited by TV companies to assist in preparing for several high-profile survival programmes, but also leads survival courses conducting organised talks across his travels to schools across Northamptonshire and…

How to Survive in the Desert

Former Royal Marine Commando, John Sullivan is a hardened survivor, operating in some of the world’s most hostile and wildest locals. Now owner of Elite Survival Training, a UK based survival training company, acting as a motivational speaker, adviser to TV acts and survival expert.

How Our Motivational Courses Can Help You

Elite Survival training was founded in 2009 by John Sullivan, a former Royal Marines Commando. With dedicated survival instructors  John and the team regularly visit educational establishments all over the world, bringing their expertise to each presentation, ensuring those listening are left with a heightened sense of enthusiasm to achieve their personal life goals. The speeches given by Elite Survival Training are unique every time, with key messages of, realising potential, harnessing courage, leadership and team work, remaining captivating key points. In fact, The Ashcombe School stated, “This was the second time that John has spoken at the school and he…

John Sullivan: A Profile

Understanding that the daily routine of structured school timetables can often be deflating for many pupils, John regularly visits academic establishments all over the world, delivering passionate speeches to inspire individuals of all ages to pursue their dreams, alongside helpful strategies to assist them in remaining focused on achieving their goals in life, whatever they may be.

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