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    Survival Specialist / Owner
    John Sullivan is a former Royal Marines Commando of nine years-experience. He has operated in some of the world’s most challenging jungle, desert and arctic environments. He began his survival training career by teaching basic skills to young adults with learning and behavioural difficulties as well as leading school and college groups on life-changing expeditions to Namibia, Belize and Borneo.
    In 2007 John moved on to freelance consultancy, using his first-hand knowledge and a rare network of in-country contacts to advise media organisations and expedition leaders on how best to experience the cultures and natural environments of the countries they wished to explore.
    He became an invaluable adviser to countless expeditions and was selected by the BBC to make all in-country arrangements for their programmes filming 'Last Man Standing' in 2007 and 'Extreme Dreams' in 2007. Channel 5 too has utilised his incredible local knowledge for their programme 'Unbreakables' filmed in 2008. In 2010 John set up from scratch the documentary 'Eating with Cannibals' filmed in Papua New Guinea for the National Geographic Channel.
    Most recently he assisted with the making of ‘The Island’, a Norwegian documentary where he provided invaluable survival training to enable contestants to survive on an uninhabited island for one month armed with little but a knife and machete. His media work continues with projects currently in preparation.
    John’s remaining time is spent in the UK passing on his enthusiasm for the natural world, and his insight into surviving in its wildest regions. He is a regular feature at Duke of Edinburgh Gold Presentations which take place annually at St James’ Palace.
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    We’re a highly trained and motivated team.
    All our instructors are ex-military personal or current expedition leaders with extensive experience in surviving in extreme conditions from the Arctic , Desert and Jungle.
    Our aim is to inspire people of all ages and from all backgrounds to learn the art of survival in unfamiliar surroundings.
    Our philosophy is simple - We inform. We encourage. We enthuse.
    Through lively demonstrations and plenty of hands-on practice, you will learn the principles of survival, along with an appreciation of the environment and the earth’s natural resources. Most important of all, you will have fun.
    Whatever package you choose it will be tailor-made to match your requirements.

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