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Expedition Itinerary

Day numberLocation and activityAccommodation and food.
DaysActivities For The Day(s)Food & Accomadation
Day 1 – Sunday 3rd SemptemberArrive Miri Sarawak. Miri is the gateway to remote parts of northern Sarawak, Bor- neo. It is a hive of local activity and has some thriving fish and fresh produce markets and many of the rural population use it as their main hub for selling their produce.Hotel provided
Day 2 – Monday 4th SeptemberMorning twin otter flight into Sarawake jungle. Transfer to 4 x 4 jeeps, 90 minute journey followed by a 2 hour walk to first Penan village. Your guide will introduce you to all the key people in the Penan village; he will take you on a short tour of the village and ensure you get to know your local staff team. This is also a chance to acclimatise to the heat and humidity of the jungle, before you start trekking in earnest the following day. This evening will be your first night in this amazing environ- ment. Your guide will show you how to set your hammock, mosquito net and shelter (known as a basha) up in the forest and how to conduct yourself safely during the day and night.Overnight in Penan village
Day 3, 4, 5, 6 AND 7 – 5-9th SeptemberJungle training. From the village we will travel for one hour up river by long tail boat to our training area. For the next five days we will make camp in a set location en- abling us to learn about life in the jungle and the way of the Penan people. We will be sleeping in hammocks and cooking over a fire for our duration here. Travelling light, each day we will be trekking through dense and stunning sections of rainforest. You and your guides will follow century old hunting trails as well as carving out your own trails in the dense jungle. Along the way our local Penan guides will show you all that they know about how to survive in the rainforest. What plants to eat, what plants to avoid, how to build traps and shelters if you were hunting and of course how to find dry wood and light a fire for morale and for cooking on. You will start to learn how to spot animal tracks and bird calls, and as a result there is no doubt that you will start to become at one with the forest as you trek through an incredibly remote area as you understand what life is like as a semi-nomadic tribesmanJungle camp, sleeping in hammocks 5 nights
Day 8 – Sunday 10th September”Trek to survival training area. Today we collapse camp and trek to a new area in preparation for our solitude survival experience. The trek route is a combination of open ground and dense jungle , criss crossing rivers with a total distance of 13km covered . You will be expected to carry all your own personal kit. Porters will carry team food.Sleeping in camp one. Sleep in hammocks
Day 9 – Monday 11th September”Solitude Survival experience. For the next 24 hours you will put your new found survival skills into action by spending 24 hours alone in the jungle with the bare minimum of items. Alternatively you can rest and relax in the main jungle camp and observe the way of life.Overnight in self made jun- gle shelter or in hammocks in Penan village
Day 10 – Tuesday 12th September”Today we head back towards the airstrip to fly out for the following day. After 4 – 5 hours treking we will set up camp along side a river and enjoy the last night in the jungle.Make camp sleeping in Hammock.- Food cooked over fire
Day 11 – Wednesday 13th September”Today is the last day of the expedition we will be up at dawn to complete the trek to the airstrip with around 3 hours of walking time. After a week in the jungle you will have a better understanding of the Penan way of life and how the Penan use the jungle to their advantageFly back to Miri and check back into original hotel
Day 12 – Thursday 14th September”Depending when your flight is you may choose to shop. Alternatively you may choose to stay to discover more sites of Borneo, of which we will gladly point you in the right direction for this.International flight from Miri to home

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